3 Benefits of Reusing Your Giving Group

How To | February 10, 2015

Every Chimp account holder has access to unlimited social fundraising pages (also known as Giving Groups) that make it easy to engage groups in fundraising together for a cause.

Whether you’re running a fundraiser for your charity, on behalf of a company or group, or on your own, there’s power in numbers! Using tools that boost visibility and shareability of your efforts increase your chances of hitting your fundraising goal.

Giving Groups let you invite people to join your group, make it easy for them to give to your cause, and help them stay connected to each other, and to you, by way of built-in messaging tools.

As your group’s membership grows, so does your ability to engage and interact directly with your valued supporters.

Using Your Giving Group Actively and Passively

During a fundraising campaign, your Giving Group will likely be very active — with donors, supporters and friends engaging with one another as they support, share and promote the fundraiser.

When your campaign ends, however, it doesn’t mean your Giving Group has to shut down. Giving Groups are designed for perpetual usage.

After all the work you’ve done to build an engaged group of supporters in your Giving Group, you have an opportunity to keep them in the loop between campaigns. Using the Giving Group’s messaging tools, you can update them on the impact their gifts are having, and promote upcoming campaigns they can participate in.

Your Giving Group also acts as a passive promotion tool for your cause or charity — and can continue to accept donations even between campaigns.

Benefits of Reusing Your Giving Group

When you’re ready to launch a new campaign, instead of setting up a fresh fundraising page, consider treating each fundraiser as an opportunity to build on the last in order to maximize your time, resources and cumulative successes.

You can reuse your existing Giving Group over and over again, changing just what you need for your latest fundraising effort. That way, you save time, and can benefit from the work you’ve already put into building your page.

Let’s assume you run a fundraiser for your charity once a year. Once you’ve set up your Giving Group the first time, you can use the same group again next year, and the year after. Your theme might change and your goal might change, but the foundation of your Giving Group remains the same.

By reusing your Giving Group, you benefit in three key ways:

Save on Setup Time

ReuseGivingGroup_TimeSimply make any necessary updates (fundraiser name, goal, images, etc.) but keep your members and admin settings the same.


Build on Existing Supporters

ReuseGivingGroup_BuildYour donors and supporters are your most valuable asset when it comes to fundraising. And if you’ve already done a lot of work to promote your Giving Group, recruit online donors and engage with them on your page, you don’t want to have to start all over again. With an existing Giving Group, you can re-engage your existing donors and leverage them to recruit new ones.

Track Your Total Impact

ReuseGivingGroup_TrackGiving Groups allow you to track your success against previous fundraisers. That way, you get long-range insight into donor giving patterns and can measure the outcome of different approaches to see what works best.

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