$2400 In Charity Votes @ Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Research | June 12, 2013

charity-voting-vcbwWhen Vancouver Craft Beer Week wanted to integrate charity into their festival, they weren’t really sure how to do that. Beer + charity? Would it work? Our community team at Chimp sure thought it would.

the teamSo Chimp powered a Charity Vote. (Meet our awesome volunteers from left to right: Maheen, John, Crystal (yours truly) and Caitlin)

The quick version of events:
Every brewery represented a local Vancouver charity (the list having been selected by Vancouver Craft Beer Week organizers) and every attendee was given a Charitable Impact (wooden) Dollar and encouraged to donate it to a charity that they liked. Chimp’s Giving Group handles the logistics of sending the donations easily to each of the charities who received anywhere from $5 (five votes) to $111 (one hundred + eleven votes) with the winning charity receiving $111, the prize booty of $337 and $100 in gift cards generously donated by the Donnelly Group.

So who won? Well that we’ll have to leave you in suspense for just a little while longer….

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