You + Chimp = Charitable Impact

Research | February 13, 2014

Together we’re helping more charities than ever before

2013 was a significant year at Chimp when it came to generosity. You gave, you inspired, and you made a big impact on the causes and charities important to you. As a Chimp community, you showed your support for 1100 charities in 2013.

That amounted to 1697 cheques mailed, 219 direct deposits, and many, many grateful charities. Now that’s what we call charitable impact! You’re helping change the world, and charities are noticing. Here’s a glimpse of what charities are telling us about the impact you’re making.

Connecting you with what you care about

Our goal is to connect you with the charitable opportunities that are most meaningful to you. With every Canadian charity at your fingertips on Chimp, we are working to make sure that finding that perfect giving opportunity has never been easier.

Chances are that you were one of many who found your cause of choice on Chimp last year: Chimp givers made over 424,295 searches for charities in 2013!

You also joined us at a number of events last year to connect with charities in new and meaningful ways. We learned, we ate, and we had fun together along the way.

Partnerships to keep giving costs low

Making every dollar of your giving count is important. That’s why we’re committed to keeping giving costs low. In 2013, we negotiated credit card fees down to a flat 2%. And in the spirit of a giving community, HootSuite partnered with us at the close of the year to cover all fees on Chimp until the spring of this year. That means 100% of your giving goes to charity! (Thank you HootSuite!)

Your giving continues to inspire us daily, and we can’t wait to see how you make a difference in 2014. Together, gift by gift, we can change the world.

Are you a charity?

Help us cut down on paper cheques by signing up for a direct deposit! Join the 222 charities who activated their free Chimp Charity Account in 2013. Learn how. 

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